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  2. A significant portion of Indians thus, even though their native languages do have its nearest equivalent: the unvoiced s, often use the voiced palatal affricate or postalveolar d, just as with a accent. I do not laugh at your oaths nor jeer you; The President holding a cabinet council is surrounded by the greatSecretaries, On the piazza walk three matrons stately and friendly with twined arms, The crew of the fish-smack pack repeated layers of halibut in the hold, The Missourian crosses the plains toting his wares and his cattle, As the fare-collector goes through the train he gives notice by thejingling of loose change, The floor-men are laying the floor, the tinners are tinning theroof, the masons are calling for mortar, In single file each shouldering his hod pass onward the laborers;Seasons pursuing each other the indescribable crowd is gather'd, itis the fourth of Seventh-month, what salutes of cannon and small arms! B. Yamohan (also credited as Jayamohan; born 22 April 1962) is a Tamil and Malayalam writer and literary critic from Nagercoil in Kanyakumari District in the south. ABOUT US. Value excellent academic writing and strive to provide outstanding essay writing services each and every time you place an order. Write essays.
  3. According to, English is known to 12. Find translators for your translation project Translators: Find freelance translation jobs and apply online
  4. I plead for my brothers and sisters. It is one of the main languages in India and was declared as a classical language by the Government in 2013. 1897, Ouida, The New Woman, in An Altruist and Four Essays, page 239: But every word, whether written or spoken, which.

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